Sina Robo Hab (Wrist model)

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Product Introduction

Wrist Robo Hab is a fully robotic rehabilitation device designed for physical rehab protocols of wrist. With two active axes of motion, any controlled passive/active movements on flexion/extension and supination/pronation of wrist can be implemented. This treatment approach consists of 7 categories: active, passive, active active, limited active, resistance, Parkinson's, and orthopedic. The physiotherapist selects the treatment method based on the severity of spasticity and the patient's improvement. These evaluations should be conducted considering the patient's condition. The assessments include:

  • • Quantitative measurement of spasticity
  • • Active and passive range of motion measurement
  • • Muscle strength measurement


Benefits include:

  • • Servo controlled motion and with direct torque measurement
  • • User friendly graphical user interface
  • • Several test and training protocols using gamification
  • • Adjustability of all parameters of movement
  • • Using biofeedback to encourage patient participation in treatment
  • • High safety
  • • Providing detailed reports on user’s performance
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