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Product Introduction

RoboLens may hold and maneuver the laparoscopic lens as a surgeon’s third hand. Using the RoboLens, surgeons may perform solo-surgery procedures very faster than conventional methods which using a human assistant.

This robot is designed and built in two models: bedside and standalone. The Standalone model is a model that is mounted independently on the chariot and wheels belonging to the device and is fully portable and can move between different operating rooms and participate in laparoscopic surgeries.


The presence of human factors, such as the camera operator's fatigue and the potential for mistakes in preparing the surgical image, has been suggested as one of the main reasons for replacing them with a robotic arm. This arm is directly controlled by the surgeon and receives movement instructions based on the surgeon's leg or hand movements. The surgeon can also communicate with the robot and give commands using voice control. Moreover, the system mentioned above can track the surgical instrument by analyzing the received images and move in sync with the instrument without needing the surgeon's input. It consistently captures images with the surgical instrument positioned at the center of the operation site.


  • • Smooth 6 direction movement
  • • Stable view with no unwanted movement or vibration
  • • Reducing the surgery time
  • • Reduction of the supernumerary staff
  • • Preparation for surgery in less than 100 second
  • • Locating the robot arm above the surgeon
  • • No contact with other surgery devices and surgeon’s hands
  • • Portable between different operation rooms
  • • Sterilizable and detachable arm and end effector
  • • Autoclavable end effector clamp
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