Robotic Telesurgery System (Straight model)

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Product Introduction

Sina robotic telesurgery system (Staright model), The system brings the capability to perform laparoscopic surgeries using robotic methods. This system consists of two main subsystem:

The first part is the console which is available to the surgeon, provides a real-time image of the surgical position to the surgeon and at the same time receives the movement data of the surgeon's hands, fingers and feet and sends them to the surgeon's robots.

The second part is located on the patient's bed and promptly and accurately transmits the movements received from the surgical console onto the patient's body and the surgical site.

Sina telesurgery system is made in two models, Straight and flex. The street model represents the process of laparoscopic surgery, providing a reminder to surgeons of conditions similar to those encountered during laparoscopic procedures. It simulates reversed movements commonly seen in laparoscopy. This model is specifically designed for surgeons who are experienced and skilled in laparoscopic surgery.

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The two sections can connect locally or remotely through the Internet, allowing the surgeon to perform surgery in different cities. However, the primary benefits of utilizing this system extend beyond just telesurgery. They also extend to local mode, as well as from an adjacent room to the main operating room. These Advantages include:

  • • Improving the precision of the surgeon's performance by scaling the movement of the surgeon's hands
  • • Eliminating the surgeon's hand tremors
  • • Preventing surgeon's exposure to pathogens in the OR.
  • • Providing ergonomic environment for surgeon, Thus reducing fatigue in long-term operations