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Product Introduction

Hand robotic orthosis (Hand Robo Assist) is an active robotic system for empowering stroke patients’ fingers with cables and an operator that helps the patient perform most of their daily activities and maintain life-giving independence.


This system consists of three main parts:

  • • Identity detection (EMG) using Mayo hardware
  • • Control unit (processor – motor – drive mechanism)
  • • Gloves (cable – sheath)

In the first part, by analyzing the electromyogram data (EMG) recorded in the Mayo device, the patient’s will to perform the grips movement is recorded in real-time. ) It has. The data is transmitted to the robot control unit wirelessly, then the processor after analyzing the data detects the patient’s will and commands the engine. After moving the motor and power transmission, with the help of built-in mechanisms, the rotational motion is converted into linear motion, and finally the flexor cables are stretched and the extensor cables are released in a certain proportion. The power transmission system is done from the control section to the glove with the help of cables. The gloves have built-in paths with the help of sheaths, with the help of which the cables pass through the glove, which in addition to accurately creating the desired force transfer of the glove. Finally, the fingers are bent and grasping takes place.


Advantages include:

  • • Ability to perform three-dimensional grasps
  • • Low weight of wearable gloves
  • • Proper appearance of gloves, ergonomic and appropriate to the anthropometric dimensions of the patient
  • • Ability to wash gloves
  • • Do not interfere with the patient’s wrist movement during grasping