Sina Robotic Telesurgery System

(flex model)

Product Introduction

Sina flex is a robotic telesurgery system which can be used for performing abdominal / chest / pelvic cavity surgery operations in an ergonomic posture for surgeon and also remotely through internet or other communication channels. This system has two main subsystems:

flex - master

Surgical console at the surgeon’s side

This console which is available to the surgeon, provides a real-time image of the surgical site to the surgeon and at the same time receives the movement data of the surgeon's hands, fingers and feet and sends them to the surgical robots using tremor reduction and scaling functions.

flex - slave

Surgical bed, surgical and cameraman robots at the patient’s side

This set is located on the patient's site and promptly and accurately performs the surgeon's commands that received from the surgical console.

This system is able to perform the most complex surgeries in the depths of the abdominal cavity only through two or three incisions of five millimeters and one incision of ten millimeters. Unlike laparoscopic surgery, in this method there are no movement restrictions in the surgeon's wrists and fingers, and the movements of the surgeon's hands are not reversed. Additionally, Sina adds the ability to bend the wrist 180 degrees in all directions and unlimited local rotation, beyond the natural capabilities of the surgeon's hands, to the surgical process.

Advantages of using Sina robotic surgery system


flex - master

Local or online connection

The two sections can connect locally or remotely through the Internet, allowing the surgeon to perform surgery in different cities. This means that surgery can be done without the patient or surgeon needing to travel.

flex - slave


Scaling the movement of the surgeon's hands

By default, there is a one-to-one relation between the movements of the surgeon's hands on the surgical console and the robotic surgical instruments inside the patient's abdomen. However, this correspondence can be altered to enhance precision. So, with the movement of the surgeon's hands, surgical tools can perform exceptionally delicate maneuvers.



Eliminating the surgeon's hand tremors

This system has the capability to automatically detect any trembling in the surgeon's hands. It then distinguishes the movement caused by the shaking from the primary movement of the surgeon's hand, ultimately only applying the main movement to the instruments.



Preventing surgeon's exposure to pathogens in the OR.

Even if this system is used locally, the surgical console and surgeon robots can work in two separate rooms. In this way, the surgeon is not exposed to infections of the patient's body, ionizing radiation during imaging, anesthetic gases and carbon dioxide used in laparoscopic operations.


Providing ergonomic environment for surgeon

The design of the surgical console of this system is such that it brings more comfort to the surgeon with the ability to adjust many ergonomic parameters.



Reducing injuries to the patient

Using the Sina robotic system, surgeons can perform intricate movements inside patients without physically entering their hand to patient's abdomen. By using flexible tools, the movements of the surgeon's hand and fingers can be performed inside the patient's body by passing through a 5 mm incision.


Comfort for Surgeon
Convenience for Patient

Sina co

Why Sina flex?

Freely designed surgical architecture


Performing Surgery in Ergonomic Seating / Semi-Seating, or Standing Postures


Tilt the patient in four directions without stopping surgery


High precision, 5mm tools, infinite rotation


Sense of interactive forces