Lumbar Puncture Simulator (LP Sim)

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Product Introduction

Sina Lp Sim is a robotic system that may be used for education and evaluation of LP skills using virtual reality environment with force feedback. It is designed to maximize efficiency in LP skills acquisition and evaluation for medical residents.

The system's hardware replicates the conditions of performing spinal injections in the patient's lumbar region, giving the user an experience akin to using an LP needle.

The system software also simulates the patient's L2 to L5 lumbar region and displays it to the user. The user can observe and practice spinal injections in this area either by viewing only the skin or by removing the skin and observing the lumbar vertebrae underneath. The simulator accurately reproduces the space and shape of the patient's back using 3D data extracted from MRI and CT scan images. Additionally, the system's robotic hardware recreates the realistic behavior of the different tissue layers in response to the passage of the LP needle in real time, based on actual data.

Using LP Sim, Students can feel lifelike haptic feedback of passing each layer from this device while viewing a full 2D representative of spinal cord to ensure highest level of education quality. The magnitudes of forces are adjusted for sense different layers including Skin, Subcutaneous fat, Supraspinous ligament, Interspinous ligament, Ligamentum flavum, Epidural space and Dura, same as inserting needle in human spine.


  • • No limits on number of injection
  • • No consumable parts
  • • Sectional view of lumbar area and different layers during insertion
  • • Adjustable resistance to simulate aging effect
LP Sim