Sina: Robotic Telesurgery System (flex model)

Sina flex is a robotic surgery system which can be used for performing abdominal surgery operations in an ergonomic posture for surgeon and also remotely through internet or other communication channels. This system has two main subsystems including a master robotic console at the surgeon’s side and a slave robotic system at patient’s side.

The master robots receive the surgeon’s hands movements and transmit them to the patient’s side robots that mimic the surgeon’s hand movements in a real-time manner. Simultaneously, the slave robots measure the robot and patient interaction forces/torques, including the pinch forces under instruments jaws and transmit them to the surgeon’s side master robotic system. As a result, all tool-tissue interaction forces are fed backed to the surgeon’s hands. This system has the advantages of high accuracy and quality of surgery, less incision for patients and more ergonomic posture for surgeons.


 More accurate, more flexible but economical
Using the Sina system, surgeon may use single or multiple use straight instruments for simple surgeries and also single-use flexible instruments for more complex surgeries. This strategy will reduce the cost of instruments per surgery.

 Non-interruptive reorienting of surgical bed
Due to availability of surgical bed reorientation and patient docking during surgery, without any interrupt; surgeons may perform all kind of General surgeries using Sina robotic surgery system. This system may also be used for Cardiac surgery, Colorectal surgery, Gynecologic surgery, Head & Neck surgery, Thoracic surgery and Urologic surgery.

 Reconfigurable surgery site
The Sina flex slave robotic surgery subsystem, has a modular design for placement of surgical robots, so surgeons may design their surgery architecture themselves by reconfigure the placement of surgery robots at one side or both side of surgery bed.

Customized ergonomic posture
The Sina flex system has a reconfigurable surgery console. Using this system the surgeon may sit behind the surgery console and adjust it for the best ergonomic posture of him/herself. Also for long lasting surgeries which surgeon may prefer to stand during surgery and reduced his fatigue, the console may be pre adjusted and reconfigured to standing posture with special ergonomic parameters of specific surgeon.

Sina Flex catalog

Why Sina flex?

Higher accuracy, more flexibility and less

Tilt the patient without stopping surgery

Freely designed surgical architecture

Custom ergonomic made for you