Laparoscopic Surgery Assistant Robot (Robolens Stand Elone Model) is a robotic surgery system that, as the third-hand surgeon in laparoscopic surgery, is responsible for carrying and maintaining the laparoscopic camera and imaging during laparoscopic surgery. In routine laparoscopic surgery, an assistant surgeon is responsible for this task. The presence of human factors such as the fatigue of the person holding the camera and the possibility of his mistake in preparing the image of the surgical position has been suggested as one of the main factors in replacing him with a robotic arm.

This arm is under the direct control of the surgeon and receives movement commands from the surgeon’s foot or hand movements. It is also possible for the surgeon to talk to the robot and control the robot through voice commands. In addition, the system has the ability to track surgical instruments using the processing of received images and can move to any direction where the surgical instrument moves without the need for a surgeon’s command and always capture images in such a way that Place the surgical instrument in the middle of the image of the operation site.

This robot is designed and built in two different models. The Elon stand model is a model that is mounted independently on the chariot and wheels belonging to the device and is fully portable and can move between different operating rooms and participate in laparoscopic surgeries.