RoboHab: Robotic Rehabilation System (Wrist model)

Wrist Robohab is a fully robotic rehabilitation device designed for physical rehab protocols of wrist.

With two active axes of motion, any controlled passive/active movements on flexion/extension and supination/pronation of wrist can be implemented

Device Specifications
• Servo controlled motion and with direct torque measurement
• User friendly graphical user interface
• Several test and training protocols using gamification
• Adjustability of all parameters of movement
• Using biofeedback to encourage patient participation in treatment
• High safety
• Providing detailed reports on user’s performance

Treatment Modes
• Passive
• Active
• Active-Assisted
• Active-Constrained
• Resistive
• Parkinson
• Orthopedic

Assessment Modes
• Quantitative measurement of spasticity
• Active and passive range of motion measurement
• Muscle strength measurement