Injection And Blood Sampling Practice Model


Our Injection and blood sampling practice model has been designed to give less experienced trainers the ability of frequent practice before confrontation with the patient's arm so that it can enhance their experiences in different techniques ranging from confirmation of the injection site to inserting hypodermic needles and the injection of medicine. The needle insertion provides a feeling similar to that offered by a real human arm, thus the pressurized blood vessel can be palpated. The blood vessel tube is durable enough to be used in numerous injection practices. The model also offers a replaceable outer skin and blood vessel tube*.

The life-like puncture site material and vessel configuration also gives a very realistic sense of vessel site palpation

Our current set includes:

Generic placeholder image
  • arm model
  • supporter stand


There are a few considerations corresponding the simulator to be taken in mind:

  • Its care and treatment should be the same as with a patient; abuse or rough handling will damage the simulator—just as it would cause pain to a patient
  • This unit is the simulation of the entire human arm from the shoulder to fingertips.
  • Externally the skin texture is realistic to touch
  • Although this arm will provide you long trouble-free usage, the skin and veins can be readily replaced when needed
  • The outer skin is easily peeled off revealing the “core” and veins providing, literally, a brand new arm. The life of the replaceable skin and veins will be prolonged by utilizing smaller needle sizes (such as 20- to 25-gauge).

*In order to change the cover, the arm could be sent back to company, costing only the price of the new cover.