Sina Robotics and Medical Innovators company was founded on 2015 by three faculty members, expert in Biomedical Engineering. The main objective of its establishment is to develop and commercialize innovative products in the field of Medical Robotics. In this regard, up to now this company have started to work on the areas of Robotic Surgery, Robotic Rehabilitation (Therapeutic and Assistive), Medical Training using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Models, and some of its products are currently in market. Its ultimate goal is to develop new technologies and equipment that can be useful in different aspects of medical sciences, including Medical Training, Diagnosis, Treatment, Follow-up Care, and Assistive Devices. Scientific backing of this firm is more than 15 years of research and development at Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Sharif University of Technology by its faculty members, and many of its products have been accurately assessed in R&D phase at different medical centers.

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